Velotopia: The Production of Cycle Space in Our Minds and Our Cities, NAi010 Publishers, 2017

The Dutch use cycling in combination with trains to connect regions. Other nations are using cycling to make historical city centres liveable again. But what if cycling became the key organizing principle for urban growth and the design of new buildings? See how the most connected future cities will be those that put cycling before walking and public transport and see why such cities would not only be healthy and green, but fairer and more accessible than the cities we know. This is a book for all those shaping cities and buildings (designers, planners, students, advocates, etcetera) who sense a bigger potential for cycling. Dr. Steven Fleming is an architectural theorist and historian and a leading international figure in bicycle urbanism. FREE SAMPLE


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Book review by Chris Bruntlett.

Cycle Space: Architecture and Urban Design in the Age of the Bicycle, NAi010 Publishers, 2012.

Cycle Space constructs a perfect argument for the ubiquitous return of the bicycle in everyday life and in all classes of society. — Domus

Fleming has given readers and bikers 8 snapshots and many more ideas for thinking about ways to move forward — Archidose

[Fleming] issues a useful challenge to urban designers to consider the next frontier in propelling biking from a marginal to a more practical form of transit. — LA. Review of Books

Seine Beobachtungen aus Fahrradfahrerperspektive sind beißend komisch. (His observations of cyclists perspective are bitingly funny). — Bauwelt

Featuring portraits of: Amsterdam – Chicago – Copenhagen – New York – Portland, Oregon – Paris – Singapore – Sydney

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NAi010 Publishers in the Netherlands is one of the most influential publishing houses in the fields of architecture and urban design, having published such classics as Herman Hertzberger’s Lessons for Students in Architecture, Rem Koolhaas’s S,M,L,XL and MVRDV’s FARMAX. I am delighted to publish my work with the leading architectural press of the leading bike nation, and proud Cycle Space was chosen as the flagship title in their Fall catalogue, 2012.

Journal and Magazine Articles

9.8.2017 Steven Fleming publishes “What would the perfect cycling city look like?” in The Guardian.

19.4.2016  Steven Fleming publishes “Designing Cities: Bicycle-Dependent Urban Expansion“, in Momentum Mag.

15.4.2016  Exhibition, “Unite d Bicycle Nation, Copenhagen,” at FabCity Amsterdam in Cyclespace pavilion
6.5.2015 Steven Fleming publishes “Museums as Places for Imagining the Future of Cities,” on the National Museum of Australia’s People and Environment Blog.

9.12.2014 Steven Fleming and Charlotte Morton publish “10 Points of a bicycling architecture” in ArchDaily. (Reprinted in NYC property magazine 6sqft, and ArchDaily Brazil.)
28.11.2014 Steven Fleming, Abdel Soudan, Rob Maver and Raphael Upcroft’s visions for a future bike city go on display in the Queensland Museum as part of the Freewheeling Australia exhibition from the National Museum of Australia. (See Steven’s quick video summary).
4.11.2012, Steven Fleming and Angelina Russo publish “Utopia: Seriously, good urban design should aspire to it“, in The Conversation. (On the front cover) Reprinted in ArchitectureAU
1.9.2014 Lee Roberts and Steven Fleming publish “Foster + Partners’ SkyCycle and the technological sublime,” in Proceeding of the 7th International Urban Design Conference, Designing Productive Cities, Adelaide, South Australia, pp.106-119. ISBN: 978-1-922232-20-5  Whole paper on
1.7.2014, Steven Fleming publishes article in Polish architecture magazine Autoportret“Urbanistyczny potencjał ruchu rowerowego”. 2 [45] 2014, pp.44-51.
1.5.14 Steven Fleming publishes “Cycling for Space” in The Adelaide Review.
27.11.13 Blog post titled “Now try to imagine a purpose built city for bikes” republished on Archinect.
25.11.13. Angelina Russo and Steven Fleming publish “Reimagining Australia … by bike“, in The Conversation
15.10.13. Steven Fleming publishes “Ride to work? You’ll need a bike barrier for that.” in The Conversation.
19.9.13. Steven Fleming publishes “Toward Cycle Cities“, in Arch Daily. Reprinted in Business Insider. Spanish translation reprinted Plataforma Arquitectura.
20.6.13 Steven Fleming presents paper, “Bike Paths to Nowhere: The Case for Bike Infrastructure that Ignores the Road Network,” at Bicycle Urbanism Symposium in Seattle.
22.9.11, Steven Fleming presents “The Bicycle Oriented Development (BOD): A New Tool in Urban Resilience,” at Resilience in Urban Design, the 4th International Urban Design Conference, Gold Coast, Australia. Published proceedings (see pp.80-87)Video of talk.Lists including publications unrelated to bicycle urbanism are maintained by universities Steven has worked at: the University of Tasmania, and The University of Newcastle.