21.11.2017. Tracy Metz reports on the Bicycle Architecture Biennale curated by Steven Fleming in Amsterdam. “Bicycle Architecture Biennale shows how the bicycle changes the city.” Interview with Tracy on NPO Radio 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=IhtVXNcbKfw
7.11.2017 Steven featured in the NPO documentary Trappen by Wilko Bello, arguing for a car free Amsterdam. Excerpt.
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The Newcastle Star: “Cyclists push plans“; “Newcastle Cyclists Spun Out By Costs“, “Swap car for bike
Behooving Moving included in list of 9 bike blogs world wide in Australian Cyclist
“The Parable of the Bicycling Advocate” reposted on The Urban Country 
Road.cc quotes cycle-space in report on Future Cities conference in London
What is Cycle-Space” and “Bicycle Cities“: video interviews with Copenhagenize