Nothing here for Mr Blanket Solution

You may know him. Whatever you suggest to improve cycling won’t work, for some reason or another. Either there is a tribe in Peru who will object to your bike share because of their religion, or […]

Looking to buy a big lie

I implore any young man or butch girl to take up road cycling as a sport, break a few bones, win a few races, then stick with it for life. I have spruiked the sport’s other […]

Change the world, place an ad, buy a book, hire a speaker on cycling and cities

Change the world, place an ad, buy a book or hire a speaker to learn how your organisation can be at the forefront of designing cities and buildings for bikes. Below is the video and here […]

Introducing myself

With a book I have coming out soon, and the promotion thereof, I’m about to spend a year or two as a low grade public figure—yay for hate mail and death threats. In anticipation, I am […]

More than a feeling

People often ask me, “Dr. Behooving, what is your all time favourite architectural treatise?” Why, it aught to be obvious from the cornucopia of symbols and the date on my crest. My all time favourite architectural […]