The new age of the bicycle

I was in a taxi recently, talking to the driver about issues with cyclists and cars, and he said, “It’s a shame, but cities just weren’t built to accommodate cyclists.” He said it as though cities […]

To do

Encourage a generation of architects, urban designers and planners to regularly cycle in the cities they shape. Live to see cyclists recognised as a protected group in anti-hate speech legislation. See to it that land along […]

Recalling a recent high speed descent

It is not every weekend that I descend some mountain during a bike race, as I did last Saturday, so indulge me fellow urbanists while I savour fresh memories. I was part of a group of […]

What I think about pink

Try as you might to blend in, you will always look out place on a road bike. On the road, you’re the only one without a car. On the bike path, you’re resented for being a […]

What sustainable architects can do for unsustainable cities, by promoting bike transport (Part 2… in progress)

An architect dreaming of a future when sprawling car cities will be relying mostly on bikes, could easily imagine what new kinds of buildings they would need to provide for that day. People arriving on sophisticated […]