When to say, "Get off the bike path!"

I am looking on flickr for creative commons licence photos of the Danish Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo, to illustrate a paper I am writing that mentions the bike track that wound to the top […]

Now collecting bikes in the names of old friends

Being the hyper-divulgent type that I am, I have not kept a very tight lid on my secret plans to leave this city and move to Launceston in Tasmania in just a few weeks. I know, […]

The Schisms and Sects of Contemporary Cycling, by Luke MacLachlan (guest Cycle-Space author)

Luke writes: I have just read “In the Shadow of the Sword,” about the growth of Christianity and Islam. It describes the factions of the early Church – the Arians, the Monophysites, the Orthodox, the heterodox, […]

The Fiat factory recreated for bikes

Should I rush this, or take it slow? Though the subject matter is surely deserving of candles and intellectual foreplay, between you, my reader, and I, I’m afraid I’m in a hurry my dear, and just […]

Skinny guy in big suit discriminates against cyclists.

Councillor Ken Ong heads Melbourne City Council’s planning committee, and believes he was almost hit recently by a bike coming through a red light. (Full story here). My answer would be to do away with the need […]