Impressions of Paris

The French live in the country making casseroles in their Le Creuset pots. Their children live in Paris, working on their appearance. They spend far too much money on clothes to afford parking fees in the city, […]

Cycling impacting architecture at Utrecht University

The Utrecht University campus has been designed around cycling. The bike path from town passes under the first building, that is lifted to provide a bicycling gateway. Wherever the under side of a cantilevered lecture theatre announces […]

Brando, get off the bike path!

Never again will I complain about Sydney’s pedestrians walking all over bike paths. New Yorkers could stop complaining as well. Here in Paris, it’s out of control. Consider this famous scene from Last Tango in Paris. […]

Thursday in Rotterdam

Michael Kane can say what he likes about the Dutch. I think they’re cool—with the obvious exception of you Arlie (Arlie is the Dutch woman who bought the house next to mine for her sons to […]

Scouting for Daughter-in-Laws in Rotterdam

You know the English never get over their jetlag when they come to the Netherlands. They get stuck running hostels in Amsterdam, dreaming they’re only dreaming about smoking weed. All I have consumed though, are 2 […]