Until such a time as I see a “DRIVERS GET OUT AND PUSH” sign, I will disobey signs that read  “CYCLISTS DISMOUNT”. Those words “cyclists dismount” are as much an affront to my mode of transport […]

"I'm alright jack": the ethos of car safety features

For a while in the 60s some carmakers were favouring doors hinged at the rear. Among their reasons for abandoning this door design, was the problem of people being crushed by their own door when they […]

Eliminate car door deaths by design

Three weeks of the Tour of France on TV, equals three weeks of advertisements for Skoda brand cars. Can anyone tell me, exactly, how a Skoda car is good for cycling? I mean, it doesn’t even […]

Your duty to ride slow in front of blue collar workers in cars

The year is 1946. My grandfather is waiting with 20 or more of his workmates, all riding bikes, to board the ferry, to cross the harbour, to go to work at the steelworks. They are all […]

If your city is lifeless, ride faster.

I don’t have accurate figures, but am guessing architectural blogs and magazines showcase more free standing buildings than infill projects. In other words, not much that we drool over as architects matches the European town planning […]