The essential 9. #2: a cargo bike of some sort

Following the stupendous impact of my first post in this series, it is time I addressed my gentleman readers’ hankering to know the second most important bike they must have in their quiver. It is, a cargo […]

Books in the post

As we speak (or puff if we’re cycling) a few hundred copies of Cycle-Space, the book, are in the post to Australia, some via air mail, most on a boat. If you supported its publication on pozible, your […]

Cycling as a third state of consciousness, after waking and sleeping

  I’m heading to bed early tonight. By the end of my club race tomorrow I will have ridden somewhat more than 150km, up a mountain, to the snow, then back down clocking 80kph, if I […]

The Decepticons won, so what now?

Imagine you’re a Transformer, thinking about landing in some city on Earth. Assuming you have figured out where you will be getting your allspark, I guess the next thing you will need to know, is how […]

Be seen from space

I will boast whether I have the right to or not. These pedal powered grotesques were built by former students of mine. I’m sure they would say I was their least influential teacher since kindergarten, but […]