From nai010 Publishers in Rotterdam: > How the bicycle can save the city > The first book to view the city through the lens of the bicycle > With portraits of eight major cities and their […]

Frankfurt Book Fair

I don’t believe “Dr.” Behooving is quite sufficient—at least not any longer. This is a dilemma, because I know the title “professor” brings with it middle management duties, at which I would fail dreadfully. But I […]

Architectural implications of the plain clothed bicycling fashion

Social media lets us map trends. One of the big trends of recent years, with implications for architecture and urban design, has been the appearance of bicycles underneath people who are not dressed for cycling, but […]

Let me guess: your bike is only a toy.

Here is a telling info graphic, that I just found via the Australian Bicycle Council. Australians buy a million bikes every year, but don’t ask their government to spend equal on bike lanes. Instead we spend […]

Bikes have feelings, like you or I

Where are the Freudian psychologists when they are actually needed? The world is in the grip of bicycling hysteria, largely driven by repressed sexual urges, and the Freudians are leaving it to me to conduct the […]