Vat, are you cwazy man!

We’re all guilty sometimes of not valuing what we have worked so hard to achieve. The old black dog (depression) bit me 5 years ago, when I looked around at my life and all I had […]

Re-imagining Singapore Cycling

If you live in Singapore, forget whatever you thought you knew about cycling. Soon, it will not just be a guy thing. It won’t just be a poor thing. It won’t be that slow thing done […]

Conversation with a Dutchman (Part 2)

Following on from Part 1… I wish I could tell you that other countries are lining up to buy your bike knowhow. But the crux of Dutch cycling is the segregated cycle track, that has hardly been […]

Irrational laws grow out of irrational fears.

Did you know it is illegal to kill a Scotsman within the ancient city walls of New York if he is not carrying a bow and arrow? Did you know it is illegal to post a stamp […]

Help me make a list, of famous architects neglecting bike parking.

Last year I wrote this little blog post, calling out Renzo Piano for his career-long neglect of bike parking. If you don’t believe me, take this little challenge: try wheeling your bike to within 20 meters […]