Concerned with my fitness, as ever.

Why this need to evangelise for bicycle transport? I don’t think it’s evangelism, really. It doesn’t concern me in the slightest that others don’t cycle. It concerns me that cities, as they are planned, have drivers’ […]

Narcissistic photos of me, your Bike God

Recently in Rotterdam I was photographed by the beautiful and charming Femke Hoogland, known to all bike racers in the Netherlands as the producer of Soigneur magazine. In the words of my friend Sven, from Rotterdam Cycle […]

To pedestrianise or to bicyclise?

Cycling should be more than an add-on to the 50 year old project of pedestrianising main shopping streets. That is how it has been treated on Broadway and Times Square in New York. The cycle tracks […]

Urban Bike Night, NAi, Rotterdam, 22 Nov. 2012

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aivKrFr0pxc Thanks to Nick Feeney for the recording!

A message to my ma and oma

Can you see how our mothers were duped? Car makers told them womens lib meant going to work to buy second cars, to spend whatever time they had left driving kids off to soccer. Genius. Not […]