The Dutch Bike by Zahid Sardar [Book Review]

The Netherlands is greener, healthier, arguably happier, but certainly a lot more efficient because the Dutch saw something in cycling that most other countries ignored. This is a book that looks at Dutch cycling heritage from […]

Feeling loved and understood, if a little embarrassed

My faith in The Washing Machine Post was set in concrete today. To the best of my knowledge this seminal cycling review site is written by someone named Brian whose lonely Inner Hebridean existence on the isle […]

We cyclists are probably all high on something.

If you have ever tried talking to a racing cyclist, you could be forgiven for believing we always have some excuse or another. Well it’s not true that we always have an excuse. Sometimes, we win. […]

A thinking man's companion to the latest issue of Treadlie

Here’s a blog post entirely comprised of reactions to the latest issue of Treadlie. I know a lot of Australian urban cycling believers subscribe to this magazine, as do many architects. I can’t be the only […]

An invitation to further your architectural education and save the world.

I graduated from architecture school during a recession, that I dodged temporarily by working in Singapore. Even so, I struggled to find work that met my aspirations when I was a student. That’s why I did […]