Critical Mass Shenanigans

I had cause to correspond with the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain recently. I was asking if they would support Bike Hour. From memory, they gave it a shout out. What I remember most distinctly though, was […]

Why I'm not riling against helmet laws—yet.

I see the debate over mandatory bike helmet laws (MHLs) is selling papers today. The occasion is a one-eyed, myopic article in an automotive accident journal, by some obscure academics who were a little too eager to […]

World "Mock Australia" Ride

Are you concerned about Australian mandatory bike helmet laws spreading to your country? You aught to be. Numbers of cyclists dropped by 40% here in Australia with those laws’ introduction. Also, our governments have done less […]

How to confound other cyclists just with your clothing.

I have a new raincoat. I bought it to test strangers’ IQs and it is already working. I chained my classic city bike outside my favourite cafe, and waltzed inside wearing my coat. I had the […]

White Flight and Bikes

In the last city I lived, Newcastle Australia, people talked for decades about cutting the train line into the city. Although it couldn’t be said in polite company, one of the reasons for some seeking the […]