Video lessons in designing active cities and buildings

My recently added videos page starts with Jane Jacobs and ends with a performative dance between architecture and cycling. I do hope you will check the rest out, and let me know of any I’ve missed. […]

Bikes give architects an edge, not a burden.

I have a friend who works in an architectural practice who passed my book around his office, to gauge his colleagues’ reactions. The book might as well have a deaf and blind mother in a wheelchair […]

For a city with more bikes and canals than it needs.

I stayed with a friend in the canal district of Amsterdam recently, and learned from a local exactly how bike parking works in that city. You keep your collectible bikes in your storeroom downstairs, while outside […]

Minority voters left for dead in Australia

I’ll just throw these stats out there. Stephen Hodge in Canberra sent me a link to Australia’s road death stats. Whichever sample month you care to look at, you see death rates for cyclists are higher […]

Put fluro on roads, not on riders.

Why should hard working drivers stand by and watch their taxes spent on things like pedestrian crossings? Each set of crossings costs thousands to paint—hundreds of thousands if they require traffic lights in addition. All this […]