The Bike Hour Code of Conduct

Based on legal advice duly received, Bike Hour now has rules governing all those riding bikes at that hour, irrespective of their knowledge or lack thereof of Bike Hour’s existence. RULE 1. BIKE HOUR RIDES SHALL […]

Codes of conduct, who needs 'em! Not cyclists. Or Bike Hour.

A bemusing moment at every Olympics is when an umpire disqualifies a walker, for not walking. Most find it laughable, but as someone who did little athletics as a child, I wish we had had those […]

Why design bicycle cities?

We get it all wrong if we talk about bicycle-centred urban design as a great thing for the economy, or the environment or public health. The moment we start, we get sidetracked, mentioning other ways to […]

How will office buildings adapt to more cycling?

First a little extraneous background to the history of the office building as a type. We could go back to the Greek stoa or Roman basilica, but that would be stupid. The earliest key interval of […]

It can be a good thing for cities if the plebs shop at malls

The suburban mega mall trend can be a blessing in disguise for city centres. I have had the dubious privilege of spending most of my life in a city that long ago saw shopping  stolen from […]