It's the poor who need indoor bike parking.

While we’re all talking about the strange relationship that appears to exist between gentrification and cycling, let’s have a look at a new Harvard study, led by my good friend Anne Lusk. Reading it you will find […]

How a 20 minute bike commute can add 9 years to your life.

Most of us are familiar with Danish epidemiologist Lars Andersen’s work showing how cyclists live longer (a neat little wrap up here).  There’s also the Harvard study that shows cycling, not walking, is a common factor among […]

Your 2-day study tour of the Netherlands

Knowing some of my regular blog readers will be heading to the Netherlands for the Velo-City conference in Nijmegen in June, I thought I would share my thoughts on how you might spend one or two days […]

I'm just selling cycling, not sourdough bread.

The unique proclivities of le petit bourgeoisie, how they do bore me. I have no interest in the interests of people who cycle. They are already cycling. I want to know what interests those who don’t cycle. It […]

Female Workplace Participation as a Precondition for Political Will for Safe Cycling

While  my lacklustre colleagues in the bike planning world go around singing “all you need is political will” in strains recalling some nauseating song by the Beatles’s I have been examining the preconditions for political will. (The […]