Greenways, property prices and legal abortion.

Here’s a curious factoid. American studies into the impact of urban parks on neighbouring property prices showed negative impacts in the seventies, and positive impacts nowadays. In the seventies, parks (including linear parks, aka “greenways”) gave […]

Velomobiles: giving the slip to the wind and the law

In our rush to make cycling mainstream, we forget some of the perverse pleasures that come from it being weird. The weirder the better, in some ways. At the weird end of weirdness, are velomobiles. Today […]

Housing designed around a bike-entry courtyard

I can’t say I’m a fan of apartments that share tiny light wells. Sure, as a tourist we can step off the main shopping street in some city such as Lyon, and think we have found […]

Cambridge Raincoat Company [Review]

At the risk of reading too much into too little, I should like to begin this raincoat review with a deep and meaningful observation that you might find a tad sanctimonious, even for me. The marketing […]

Show us your Google Maps bicycling layer

Dark green lines represents safe cycle tracks. Dotted green lines represent door-zone suicide lanes. It is legal to cycle on footpaths here, however, the crossings to give cars access to mid-block cars parks have been made […]