The low hanging apple: strict liability laws to protect kids.

Although my niche role in the cycling renaissance is in the specialised areas of architectural and urban design theory, I want to draw attention to something very general, that we all should be focused on. If […]

Building for Bikes in Car Cities

Among those of us batting for bicycle transport, many hold a quaint misconception that travel mode choices are made voluntarily. They suppose that whole cities will swap cars for bikes when they have their awakenings. Those […]

The Pharisees of bicycle advocacy.

I have met him in dozens of cities. He tells everyone in government that he represents an enormous grass roots organisation. He tells everyone in that grass roots organisation that he is on a first name […]

An expert is something to be

On June 21 I spoke at a symposium in Seattle to a small but dedicated audience, a few of whom had read my book and made special efforts to be in the audience. I was supported […]

Bike Adventures in Queens

My friend David in New York writes one of my favourite architecture blogs. It’s like Delirious New York, only free (sorry Rem. Sorry NAi). Today, our combined/perverse fascinations took us to Queens. David wanted to see an unregulated car […]