Toward bike infrastructure for everyone, not only us Stoics.

Don’t ask cyclists how to get drivers out of their cars. Their only suggestions are whippings and mental reprogramming. Drivers, they will tell you, need either to be taxed in ways they will never vote for, […]

Primitive condition for cyclists in every nation.

I spoke about bicycle transport to a Lions Club meeting this week. It is nice to know you don’t have to go all the way to North Korea to experience strange costumes and salutations. We have […]

Book now or miss out. Hot lineup of speakers coming to Sydney.

The last event I spoke at in Sydney booked out well in advance. Although the venue this time is a lot bigger, I’m told it’s booking up quickly as well. I’m not surprised. Look at the […]

Believers in Bike Hour and Santa

I couldn’t begin to tell you how huge Bike Hour was last night. I doubt even Max Walker could explain how huuuuge it was, Max Walker who has made a career in sports commentating with his […]

Whatever happened to Bike Hour?

Regular readers know that a few years ago I started Bike Hour. It’s like Earth Hour only everyone rides bikes — I don’t care what they do with their light switches. Since its heady beginnings Bike Hour […]