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It was John Archibald Wheeler who said “Time is what stops everything happening at once.” All you have to do, therefore, if you wish to make time disappear, is try to do everything at once, as […]

Life in the fast lane: accelerating the pace of the city with bikes.

Others have said that every 20 minute bike trip equals AUD$14.30 to the Australian economy, that cycling is worth DKK1.22 per km to Danish economy, and that accounting for fuel and health savings and factoring in […]

Vision for a Bicycle Utopia: Part 2

I made the point at the beginning of Part 1 in this series that urban growth for the rest of this century will be focused a lot more on brownfields (old docklands, landfill areas, old factory […]

Vision for a Bicycle Utopia: Part 1

The coming age of urban expansion will have a greater emphasis on brownfield redevelopment than greenfield development. By the end of this century many cities are likely to have doubled their populations and doubled their building […]

Private moments laid bare

I figure I’m of no more interest to Big Brother than any other marxist, greenie, anarchist, libertarian, bike advocate gnawing at the tail of car culture and occasionally getting his kit off in public. That’s why […]