Bicycle Architecture Biennale

It might have been the shortest lived biennale since the word was first used and will not turn out to have been a “biennale” at all if it is not repeated in 2019. Nevertheless the Bicycle […]

An Ancient Perspective on Driverless Cars (using Oslo as an example)

Thinking of ways to improve transport in an up-to-date city like Oslo is like thinking of a birthday gift for your only-child nephew. What do you buy for a city that has everything already? There are […]

Postcard from Amsterdam, Oslo and… Bogota!

Gentlemen, my activities statement for the period April through June, 2017: FutureBuilt Oslo invited me to give a plenary in that city’s fine city hall. Then, after a short spell at the Amsterdam Cycle Space office, […]

Cycling's Invisible Hand in Spatial Production

Urban planning works something like this: a local government learns the national government is about to spend billions on a piece of road or rail infrastructure that will improve travel times to some land in their […]

Amsterdam, where in ten minutes you're out of the city and cycling.

Casting my eye along the street here in Amsterdam, and seeing only one parked car for every twenty or thirty houses, I am reminded that cities don’t have a problem with cars. They have a problem […]