Introducing the "slip block", where your bike replaces the lift.

At the risk of overdosing on kind thoughtful reactions to my bike-centric ground plane (thank you Archinect for providing that forum), I have decided to expose myself to reactions to an idea we’ve been developing here, for […]

Now try to imagine a purpose-built city for bikes.

An essay I have co-written with Angelina Russo for The Conversation, that appeared two days ago, points to the power of utopian visions and cultural institutions to bring these into the cultural imaginary. My big vision is for urban districts […]

Sorry ol' timers, there will be no room for cars in the new generation fast city.

Dreams really do come true. Look at Norman Bel Geddes’s dream of a world designed around cars. Predating widespread car ownership, and on the tail end of The Depression, it would certainly have caused naysayers in […]

Let experiments in urban decay run their course

Pessimists have so much to revel in nowadays. Climate change is happening. Fossil fuels are running out. Cities are clogged with cars and their fumes. And anyone born in a more affluent country will most likely […]

The impact on cycling of a deflationary retail economy

Although utilities prices are rising, consumer goods prices are coming down. And that includes bike gear. You would think perhaps it was time for all of us to run out and hoard rain gear, but the […]