Past, present and future of industrial city space


If space were organised for the working class, and not our owning-class overlords.

I’ve been in the intellectual hot tub for the past couple of days with Marxist geographer David Harvey. One of his key observations, expressed in this lecture, is that America spent its post-WW2 surplus on cars and […]

e-Cars are circumventing our chance to mend cities

Alan Finkel was on the radio yesterday, telling us how e-Cars will save the planet, and that his own e-Car can go from 0 to 100kph in 7 seconds. I’m not qualified to unpick his argument […]

Just a quick meme


The waterfront promenade is a political battleground

For many people waterfront promenades are places to drive to, get out, go for walks (perhaps with their dogs on retractable leads), before returning to their cars to drive home. For a few of us though, […]