Passive Voice Pussyfooting

Bicycle advocates can learn a lot from feminists. Take the feminist idea that the problem of sexual assault is diminished and confused when reported like so: “A woman was assaulted outside a nightclub in Sydney”. Why […]

Redefining the bike-friendly apartment

Cities have evolved for driving, and apartment buildings have evolved for walking and taking the elevator. But what if walking, driving and riding in elevators were things we only did on occasion? What if we rode […]

A no-fault divorce for drivers and cyclists

If you’re used to advocates and engineers tossing grenades at each other from opposite trenches, you might need some time in Tasmania. Okay, I’ll admit, sweet FA ever gets done here. But let’s look on the […]

You can’t say utopia on the radio

Don’t you hate when a media outlet preps you with questions, you spend an hour or two writing responses on paper preparing your mind for the big moment, then when the interview comes it is about […]

Bicycle urbanism should be Utopian and Organic at once.

It is easy to dismiss bicycle transport as something that will only ever be mainstream in cities where that seems to have always been so, like Amsterdam or Copenhagen. Whether you say that’s due to the […]