How to be happy

Here in Australia we have just enjoyed Mental Health Week, during which every radio program it seems had some shrink as a guest. Let me save you the worry of downloading all of those podcasts. Open […]

When knowledge alone isn't power

Unlike some other experts in the field of bicycle advocacy and urbanism I don’t carry thousands of stats in my head—just a few personal favourites. You amass lots of facts and rational arguments if you’re heading […]

Life During Wartime

I was 15 and staying with my dad in the holiday caravan of one of his friends. I got to hear him tell a story he would never tell at home, of the time his navy […]

Dress like a leader and break every road rule.

I know in Denmark and the Netherlands the sight of cyclists breaking road rules can be taken as a sign that the traffic engineering still has a few holes. Yes, but in nations like Australia and […]

Advertise here

I have moved this post to an unlinked location on my web site. If you have come looking for my invitation to a fair and transparent advertising opportunity, please email me for the new link. My […]