Treat 'em mean and keep 'em lean. The way forward for city states.

Opinions differ. Mine is that the average human is brain dead. Our ancestors were when they drank and screwed in West Ireland while their overlords planned wars from their castles. Our parents were when they bought […]

Robot car, recognise this hand signal.

My friend Mikael (of course, he’s a friend to us all) has had his words shoehorned into an article instructing cyclists to ride and hand signal in predictable ways so that driverless cars can respond. What […]

Something to talk about during the cup

This Melbourne Cup day in Australia, I am wondering why humans like to see animals race? Why not force them into even more extreme sports? We know for sure that one species likes to compete, and […]

Passing on Velo-City in the French town of Nanties

I’ve been asked by a few of my Euro cronies if I’ll be going to Velo-City in Nantes next year. Well, no. I read the call for papers a few months ago and decided that: 1. […]

A Maoist/Futurist approach to designing a street.

It seems everyone these days is a designer of streets. If I see one more of those twee before-and-after cross sections of a street showing the addition of curb-side cycle tracks and trees from the Black […]