Observations from Pedal Brisbane

It’s the moment I walk past the dutch cargo bike stalls that I realise, “Oh right, this is my life now.” I’m one of those bods who they wheel in to enliven the talkfest about this […]

The Americanisation of yet another fine town.

I’m writing this so that, if I go missing, you will know I am on the bottom of a waterway somewhere in Northern Tasmania, wearing gigantic boots fashioned from asphalt. People who I’ve never met before […]

Dr. Behooving's Christmas Shopping Guide

LADIES FOR MEN Men are not hard to buy for. You just have to know how we think. We think about cycling, looking good though our clothes need a wash, and smelling good though we need […]

Punishment passes: can they be stopped?

I have been putting off writing this post because I feel confronted by the subject matter. Car addiction has reduced Australians to voting for politicians who promise cheap petrol even if that means killing Iraqis. We […]

Quoc Pham Urbanite Low Top Shoe (Review)

If Google has led you here for a review of these shoes, first may I say welcome to the blog of the world’s leading theorist of bicycle urbanism. You might like my book! You might also […]