Is this a street or a board game?

I once heard a cute statistic that 40% of Americans do not believe they can be possessed by the devil. That’s what we’re dealing with. But don’t act surprised. The Greek, Roman, Ottoman and British empires […]

You can't do that with a car!

In lieu of words today, I’m posting some photos, taken by Charlotte Morton, modelling provided by Harriet Elliot (standing in for my Primrose) and myself (standing in for Charlotte Morton). The kitchen of the future, when […]

Just old enough to have your words heeded.

As I am sure many wise men would appreciate, facial sagging and wrinkles are to be welcomed. Moreover, they take far too long to develop. We spend half our lives trapped behind youthful faces. I feel […]

Bicycle Porn (and Chris Froome!)

Should we tackle the bike/porn nexus? I think it is time. Lord knows nobody else with fair intensions has the gumption to touch such a subject. I’ll start by saying unprotected sex between actors is not […]

Places shape minds more than minds can shape places.

Even a genius has their mind shaped by their environment. I’ve just spent a week in my home town of Newcastle. I own a terrace house there. The next door neighbour, a very smart lady, sees […]