Suburban Australia: you have to be kidding!

Old people are easily scared. So if you know an old person living alone in a freestanding house near the centre of town that could be knocked down and turned into affordable housing for 20 or […]

Fitting Utrecht and Amsterdam on the Leftover Lowlands of Brisbane

Identifying non-vehicular easements is like scraping away all the car-land to reveal an 1800s map of a city. Here are some old maps of Brisbane, like palimpsest scrolls that have not yet been ruined by car […]

How to be cool

People often ask me, “Dr. Behooving, how come are you so cool?” There’s no cool way to answer, so I don’t. But I’m having a break from being so cool at the moment, in preparation for […]

(Guest Post) Playing Around with the Ground Plane

A guest post by architect and researcher Rafael Upcroft: My father calls me a hedonist and to a certain degree I agree with him. His view stems from observing my life philosophy in action, which is: […]

The myth that we are not Europe

When North Americans and Australians visit Europe they spend most of their time in the really old parts of the cities they visit. That’s where the coach drops them, so that’s where they stay. If they […]