My 10 year old's thoughts about Brisbane's low lands.

Thanks to their talent agent father Mikael, a lot of us in the bike planning world are familiar with the wise words of young urbanists The LuLu and Felix—both bonza kids it is true. So let […]

The Suburb's Fortgotten Appendix

I’ll admit I never thought much about footpaths before moving to a state of Australia where cycling on them is legal. But oh how I defend that barrier protected strip of concrete at the side of […]

Wait, the Dymaxion bike!

How to convince architects, policy makers, and the great unwashed generally that bicycling is the way of the future? In answering that I have been studying tactics that worked for Modernists of the interwar era, who […]

The Google Terrarium: what does it mean for bicycletecture?

Each of our turns comes around to be a cranky old naysayer. This week it’s mine. My favourite architect for his clever functionalism and occasional celebration of cycling, Bjarke Ingels, has teamed with Thomas Heatherwick from […]

The one simple question that stumped me.

I have indeed been quiet of late. Circumstances prevent me from speaking quite so freely about life’s discontents; at least not without nipping at a few hands that feed me. Exciting new things on the horizon […]