What Your Bike Says About You

Sponsored content, to support Dr. Behooving’s bike clothing addiction. Provided by Search Factory for 99 Bikes.  It’s often claimed that a person’s car says a lot about them – Ferrari owners are often recognised as gregarious extroverts, […]

Canberra: the post-ceremonial city

A nice processional route, like the avenue of Rams on the way to the temple of Karnak, is a handy thing to have in a city. Ditto for set-pieces, like the piazza framing views of St. […]

Quantifiably faster than any other city of 6-million+

It is based on travel time surveys that we “know” people commute 27 minutes each way in Dallas-Fort Worth, 37 minutes in London, and 42 minutes in the big Asian cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong and […]

Senātus Ascensores Rōmānus

It’s a story that until I saw this doco last night I had only ever heard from tour guides in Rome, with their inimitable talent for making everything dreary. Never mind the history being contested. This […]

The elegant device as a paragon for city planning.

This might seem arcane, but it’s actually quite obvious that every architectural or urban design act refers back to a paragon of some kind. In Renaissance times it was the body. Whether through analogy (e.g.: the civic […]