int love grand!


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My apologies to regular readers for a tangential line of inquiry I simply feel compelled to explore, if only to put it behind me. Perhaps I’ll read this back over as one might a poem they […]

What's really driving this cycling renaissance?

Why, snobbery darling, of course!Writing this blog has been a process of scratching about, hoping to uncover whatever it is I have been sensing had to be said, and I feel I am getting closer. The […]

Prayer and devotion

The last of these three views of my bike is not upside down. It is as I will view it tomorrow when I am out of the saddle and wanting to know I am in the […]

If everyone cycled I'd row

I woke up in a sweat, seeing my influence rising, and thinking of the people I have already inspired to buy bikes. If this goes on, Newcastle might overtake Melbourne as Australia’s cycling capital. I’m having […]