OCD + money + taste = a wonderful collection of bikes

  Roberto sent me this link to the most incredible collection of bicycles, in every category. Some dude has filled his shed with a truly enlightened brew of disorders. 

The original Modernists' emblems of space-time

A remote branch of the Italian Futurist movement, known as the Tuscan Group (or Gruppo Toscano), no doubt surprised many when they won Mussolini’s endorsement for their Florence Santa Maria Novella railway station, that they had […]

Planners: don't waste time with the plebs

It is not hard to shine at a planners’ convention. I have just returned from the The Healthy Cities Conference in Brisbane, where I learned planners have an agreed lexicon of ideals, toward which they all […]

Where is Dr. Behooving???

As well as dropping from the top to the bottom of B-grade, I acknowledge dropping my commitment to you, my dear rusted on readers. Take heart though, our mid life crises will come back to the […]

Postcard from Ravenna

On the same flat lands as Venice and Milan, Ravenna was the Western most capital of the Byzantine era, and remains a mecca for admirers of mosaics—such as myself. I hit town last week, jumped on […]