If "Waltons Mountain" were a bicycle brand…

…they would make millions. Each model would be braised and lugged with a clear coat finish to expose all that good honest American handcrafting, in the manner of bikes by Bowery Lane Bicycles—oh so cool! There […]

Brooks Devon Pannier [Review]

After being flagellated for 3 months by a clever-by-halves Basil pannier (don’t get me started!) I finally decided to gamble, that AUD$350 might buy me something that actually works. With my fourth recent order from Chain […]

If John Boy had been into mountainbikes

Some time ago I was riding what I now call my pub bike—a 15 year old yellow cro-mo trailblazer that nobody would steal—along a bush trail. It was an undulating section, one most mountain bike riders […]

Dr. Behooving's quick bike wash

Youtube is a veritable Mount Everest of clips showing people cleaning their bikes. Alas, they’re all bollocks. That was, until this morning, when I uploaded this clip outlining what I hope in time will come to […]

about 100 hits every day!

Is this like a hugely popular blog that you’re reading, the ranting of some fool with nothing else better to do, a bit of both, or doesn’t it matter? Since learning letsgorideabike—the blog that inspired me […]