Old photos with bikes in

I’ve recently been thumbing through Newcastle—The Missing Years—Images from the 1930s and 1940s, and noticing how bikes roughly equalled cars on the streets of my small working class city. The only pictures I’m showing are those […]

One for the archidose readers

    In acknowledgment of the visionary authors of archidose, who saw fit to link to my blog, and to reward those of you clicking from there to here, I present Dr. Behooving’s history of bicycle design, […]

Feasting my festish for cardboard, airflown of course

  We love it here when the Chainreaction man pays us a visit. Chairman Meow is first to inspect, but must then stand back while I tear open those boxes like Tas. As frequent buyers of […]

The art of making rival riders insane

    Reader, some rather terse and belittling words were said to me during a handicap race on the weekend. Nay, I did not show outward signs of offense. Rather, I made a mental note, to […]

Being abroad

It’s a problem: how to take a bike with you, when you go overseas? Sure, a gentleman might lower his or her standards and buy some old clunker once there, for the cost of a meal. […]