What architects need to know about cycling

All over the world more people are using bicycles for commuting, shopping, school trips and other things they might previously have used a car or public transport to do. Leading this is a governmental push for […]

Sexy and Rich with Urban Design

Never have people been so well informed about the best ways to eat and build wealth if they want to be sexy and rich, yet so ignorant about the main thing holding them back on both fronts, making every day a battle against weight gain and cash raining out […]

How to match a bike helmet to everyday clothes

I believe it was Jesus who said it is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than it is to match a bike helmet to everyday clothes. One fashion trajectory has been to make […]

Roads Were Not Built for Cars [Book Review]

One of the greatest misnomers of our times is that roads were built for cars. The cycling world’s leading and best-rounded journalist, Carlton Reid, evidently heard it said one time too many, enough to get 648 Kickstarter […]

Postcard from a centre of reason: Vicenza

The architectural study tour I lead every year naturally takes me to Vicenza, Palladio-land. For an unimaginably low fee, this city has been made into an unimaginable paradise, without the faintest sound of a car or motorbike engine. With a […]