Placement of bike racks

Beside my usual philosophical musings, drawing on Plato and Freud, what I am about to say is almost too banal a thing to be said here, on Behooving Moving, the thinking gentleman’s bike blog. It is […]

Recent events

No time to pontificate this evening I am sorry, as I fly out to quite a bizarre conference in the morn to present a rather fruity paper I rit. To reward your faith in me though […]

Bikes, Suits and Guitars

What bikes, suits and guitars all have in common, is they are each uncomfortable for about a year. It took playing the guitar every day, for the whole of 1984, for my fingertips to stop screaming […]

Ultimate Oma

A bicycle is small enough, and elegant enough, that truly my dears, need any expense be spared in its making? It is veritably the case with über schmick road bikes, that fortunes are spent just shaving […]

Capital lugs!

Coolhunting and Rapha agree, bicycle lugs are all the rage. Yet an even higher authority than these two great bastions of our culture, has been telling us to articulate joints for thousands of years now. I […]