John Cassidy, think of the kiddies

Oh I change like the wind darlings I know, one moment not encouraging newcomers to cycling, calling them lard, and this minute saying the opposite, because (and I shall put this to you as a slogan): […]

When safety is paramount

I have something similar in a sketchbook, that I designed when I was a kid. Mine is much better, of course. Lower, more stable. Radically different. To be kept hidden in a drawer until after my […]

People, no parking, equals much cycling

Cycling is dominant in cities that are flat, and that were built up before the advent of cars, meaning the old building stock does not provide any car parking. Amsterdam is the most conspicuous case. People, […]

More poppycock cycling advice from the government.

A few days ago, I said only bad advice circulates on the topic of dooring. Watch this video, and you’ll see what I mean. I agree with the simple suggestion, that one should slow down if […]

I have to mention Japan

As major events are going down—9/11, wars, yesterday’s sickening events in Japan—the job of indexing facts still needs to go on. A year from now, we might look back and learn. Train commuters stranded last night […]