I Love New York

In August 2009, The New York City Council passed this law, requiring all parking stations provide secure bicycle parking proportionate to its number of car parking spaces. I love New York. I had the great pleasure […]

Selling cyclespace

Proximity to cyclespace boosts property prices. We know that as cyclists—heck, I found my own house while riding my bike—but architects and developers may need to be told. Below are some paid-for advertisements in a free […]

Natural affinities between architecture and cycling

I am enjoying one last flurry of blog posts before, my dears, I must knuckle down to some serious writing. Yes, a wonderful book on the bike/building nexus I promise unto you all—although architecture books, I […]

fueling desire for overweight saddles

Below, some less alluring foxes, hounds, Brooks saddles and activists, offered purely in the interest of balanced Brooks worship:   

Join my iPhone war on bad driving

Here in Australia, we are tolerant to a fault I believe. A "she’ll be right" attitude, and a contempt for police inherited from our convict ancestors, sees us smiling and waving through drivers who are breaking […]