Velo-City, by architect Chris Hardwicke

A tailwind draft, always. Dry roads. Lanes for slow and fast riders, and overtaking. Signage like drivers are used to—never mind stupid cycleway maps. Oh and an elegant exo-skeletal structure with archi-cache. This proposal by Chris […]

How cyclists and environmentalists sometimes might differ

If I may whine, I do find it personally distasteful when climate change skeptics are spoken of as though they are evil. Can I not hold onto some healthy skepticism, yet ultimately side with climate change […]

Bicycle Parking Stations on Youtube


architects and their small wheel bikes

What is it with architects, always thinking for themselves, snubbing the UCI, and riding small wheel bloody bicycles! But don’t just trust me on the matter. Read this piece on Architakes. The architectural historian Reyner Banham: […]

architecture made from bicycle tubes

I think of how many I’ve discarded over the years, when I could have been weaving extra rooms for my house. Would you mind Primrose? Trust a Dutch firm of architects to come up with this […]