Why do some architects mention cycling at all?

When architects are sufficiently famous, they see it as their role to speak on urban consolidation, society’s energy use, cycling, the big bang, the existence of god… anything really, other than what actually steered the design […]

Lugged and Braised Buildings

3 of these things, they do belong here. 3 of these things are kinda the same. But one of these things, doesn’t belong here. Now it’s time to play our game. It’s time to play our […]

How architects brand themselves with their bikes

Conscious as we are now, of the environment, our health and the frightful impact of cars, many architects are looking to the bicycle, as an emblem of the late machine age. They have for some time: […]

Sad to see empty bike racks

Regular followers of the world’s leading blog about architecture and bicycles—oh, and occasionally dumb looking helmets—will know I have been writing a book on the topic as well. A few of the general ideas discussed in […]

Planning Main Street for bikes.

Can you imagine a traffic engineer getting a job as a movie director?  The time would come for shooting a street scene, and the extras would all be told to walk single file, wait for the […]