Mikael slams Bjarke making way for yours truly.

Like most big events in history these days it was recorded on what my philosopher friend Arthur Danto would have called a kind of indexing machine, a machine that records every event, no matter how trivial it […]

3 things to build before bike infrastructure

Should it be the case that you live in a freestanding house, with a double garage, your only access to work and to schools via roads surveyed in the age of the streetcar or later, then woopsy my […]

Activists, advocates…scabs.

I have a vested interest in writing this: too many so-called bicycle advocates belong to a category my unionist forebears would have called scabs. More polite, but less accurate are words like dilettante, outsider, amateur or non-professional. Some […]

Car Land verses Bike Land in a real war.

It is not so much a war between drivers and cyclists as a war on city dwellers by those in the suburbs. The car and bike are merely the emblems that each side has taken, as though we each […]

The late night transport dilemma

One of the pleasures of cycling is the middle finger it raises to the petite bourgeoisie. It is precisely because I am the embodiment, already, of the Radio National listener’s whole list of things to aspire to that I must eat McDonalds, […]