Cutout cyclists in architects' renders

Spare a thought for the cutout cyclists. Most of their lives are lived in free-to-use galleries like this or this.  Where they would rather be though, is in architects’ renders. Their sadness is that most of the renders they […]

Darkness before a dawn in bike thinking.

You may not know, but I’m kinda big in the Netherlands (just North of Belgium). I was asked to help launch Europe by People last week in Amsterdam, and also to place the bike stamp on the associated […]


You may live in a car-centric district, meaning bicycle transport is an impossibility for you or your family right now. Still, you can identify as a Bicycleist. I’m a male but if pressed to answer yes or no, I would have to answer […]

Real or steel derrières? What sickoes would rather see on our streets!

Without even a sleep separating them, I was walking around a canned nature experience outside of Vancouver one moment and in the surf with my sons in Newcastle the next. And now already I’m in Amsterdam. If you don’t […]

Trumping traffic engineers' "level of service"

For the other 100% of my regular blog readers who weren’t in Vancouver this week, I’ve put a link below to the pdf version of the powerpoint slide show I took to the Architects Institute of British […]