Zaha in Rome

It is true after all. Livejournal was sold to Russians who host it on computers unloaded from sputnik. What the hell! They seem to be semi functional, so my little holiday from blogging might end. To […]

Culture Cycle Crochet

Some four score and twenty days ago, fortune came knocking in the guise of an electronic correspondence from one Professor Russo (in this case, the “Prof.” title is not a Dr. Behooving style joke. Prof Russo […]

Reader of the Week: Vicki from bicyclesinnewcastle.com

Newcastle is the city you get when a few dozen coal mining villages grow into each other. It can also be viewed as a network of coal skip lines making tracks to a harbour, many of […]

Dream on, you cheesy old fools

Who among you can say driving is cooler than cycling? Come forward and tell us then, what makes your BMW or Lambo, or whatever you own, cooler than the gals in this clip below? You’re kinda […]

A case for making seat belts illegal.

My city’s visionary leaders would not know the term "urban consolidation" from "faecal compaction". The hospital, the sports center, the shopping centers, are spread across an area roughly the size of Belgium. And so people drive. […]