Help me fathom the bike/fashion nexus

Why is the bicycle this season’s fashion accoutrement? These are photos I took in Florence, around the fashionable quarter, where the wrong bike for those shoes could bring the whole look undone. I imagine these two-wheelin’ […]

I can't remember where I was when I took this


A loophole to make buildings unsafe but more fun

Architects, listen up. I may have found you all a great way of justifying sloping floors and other whimsical forms that defy building codes, because they’re unsafe. I was tutoring a student today, who asked if […]

I am resting, I'm tired

Livejournal is riddled with faults at the moment. While I wait for their techos to fix things, I’m taking a break from blogging, and am concentrating on my book about architecture and bikes. I have all […]

architect designed folding bike

I must thank my friend David from architakes, for introducing me to the Morabike, designed by a Spanish architect, turned industrial designer. Now if John Ruskin were alive, this is the bike he would ride. Why? […]