Too busy to blog much this week

Sorry all, little time to blog post for the next couple of days. I have my Primrose recovering from an operation, plus I have to quickly turn recent thoughts into a paper I'm billed to present […]

Having spent $7.95 for a bike magazine

Well I am delighted of course to have seen BehoovingMoving showcased in the latest edition of Australian Cyclist. I am mentioned just after my buddy Mikael's Copenhaganize blog, and also in the company of Lets Go […]

Wiggles wade into helmet debates

They are wags these Wiggles, appearing here in non Australian Standards Association (ASA) approved helmets. Very clever! I bought a Bern helmet myself, to make the very same point. I believe I've also provided video evidence […]

It could have been Stuart O'Grady

I am not wishing to diminish Cadel's achievement (even if he did steal the win with a time trial). It is simply that someone must raise a particular matter, and yet again, it looks as though […]

A dearth of open minded debate

Since I first launched the world non-critical mass ride movement, on July 2011, life hasn't been easy. Suspicious packages. Being hog-tied and thrown into car boots. (Go ahead, dismiss my claims if you will!)  But I […]