Top-Gear hosts incite violence toward a vulnerable minority, and I say go after them

As someone who has been enormously successful in all aspects of life, I can say with some authority, that one must always play hardball with enemies. Among friends and family (and by that I mean, fellow […]

And I thought I could go fast on my road bike!

I keep thinking I should squander just a little more of may vast estate (so sorry pappa), this time on a Velomobile. Cars, aeroplanes, even bikes are so yesterday. Poop poop! From now on, it shall […]

How bookshops might look in places where everyone cycled

  With thanks to the great Gusto for chasing this lead. I have noticed my daily hit rate (the best measure of my popularity, now I've stopped swinging), takes a dip whenever I come over all speculative, […]

Understanding genital anthropomorphic projection when choosing a bike

Please, be a part of an important discussion underway here, between one Professor Squire of New Zealand, and my good self, regarding the phallic suggestiveness of horizontal top tubes. Normally, the gendering of an inanimate object […]

Bicycle led getrification (or: The Mission Street Syndrome)

Homosexuals know they are wasting their time trying to win hearts and minds out there in heartland. The situation is the same for us cyclists, in cities where almost everyone drives. We are queer, in most […]