Bike sex case exposes obvious truth about cycling

If you see more than the usual number cyclists passing guilty glances at law officials this week, it may not be for the usual reasons: riding sans helmets; riding on footpaths; running red lights; stealing old […]

The case for building bike paths to nowhere

Build it, and they will come—or, more precisely, build infrastructure and development follows. We know that truth to be axiomatic, when thinking about roads. Widen a road, and viola: subdivisions spring up along it, and the […]

Share this message with your bike activist friends

Rather than painting useless sharrows on roads designed mainly for cars, or spending all of our time as activists fighting for segregated routes that non-European drivers cannot be trusted to yield to at intersections, I believe […]

Steve Jobs and the Velomobile

The man of the moment, Steve Jobs. A Jeffersonian style foyer of some kind, maybe designed by Charles Bulfinch. A Velomibile (at 1.10). What an irresistible clip! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob_GX50Za6c

Olympic legacies to urban cycling

The Olympics roadshow left Sydney in 2000, and cyclists living around Homebush Bay found an enormous bikefield, linking their neighbourhoods, to neighbourhoods flanking all sides of the former Olympic precinct. The legacy of the 2012 Olympics for people […]