How architects can rescue unhealthy and unsustainable cities

Most of us live and work in cities that have been crippled by decades of car orientated development. Our parents built cities where those who vote, also drive, and so unsurprisingly vote for better conditions for […]

Slow cyclists and sports cyclists: kiss and make up

I differ from most people who I race bikes with, in my ability to see the point of mudguards, racks and dressing for the destination, instead of the ride. Yet I differ from those who are […]

Who will write a neo-futurist manifesto?

The first futurist manifesto is a curious document. You might expect it to have been written by Henry Ford, or at least an American. But no, it was an Italian, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. The central message of […]

Is cycling pulling you away from your computer?

If so, have you considered cycling in cyber space? The dude there in the middle, in blue: he’s my bicycling avatar. I haven’t yet bothered to choose him a more tasteful jersey, though that option exists. […]

At war with the motorist

As well as being a great name for a blog, "at war with the motorist" is a common state of play for we who have opted for the healthy, green, cheap mode of transport. We want […]