In the news

Global news first, and Rapha (or “claim the Roadpha” as I’m planning to call them) have given their Festive 500 grand prize to a couple seeking a 7th trimester abortion. https://vimeo.com/151620595 I’m not questioning their right to […]

Bicycle Rickshaws: registration, insurance… let's do this properly

Have you ever wondered why bike rickshaw riders look like krokodil addicts? You would think such a job would attract athletes, for the reasons the job has attracted me in the past. Given most road racing enthusiasts are […]

The property developer and bicycle transport.

Since the publication of Cycle-Space in 2012, I have been speaking to governments and peak bodies all around the world about Bicycle Oriented Development (BOD). Having laid that groundwork my consultancy firm, Cycle Space International, is looking for property developers […]

cycling needs a new social media trend to match cycle-chic

When I started my bike blog just over 6 years ago you could not buy a bakfiets in Australia, and the two leading blogs bringing “slow cycling” to the world, Lets Go Ride a Bike and Copenhagenize, […]

Amsterdam at the crossroads, and still not building for bikes

It is not purely a matter of coincidence that the Dutch were building cities in the seventeenth-century that would be hard to drive cars in today. City planners back then were still doing something we can […]